SENSUALITY LIKE IT’S NEW Visit our cosmetic clinic in Rotterdam of Breda so we can further inform you our vaginal tightening treatment “Sensilift”. Vaginal laxity, it’s more common than you think. Just like your skin, the vaginal tissue is build up by a supporting network of collagen fibers. During a vaginal childbirth and also by just getting older these collagen fibers can get stressed, stretched and weakened. This can give a loose feeling. After surveying 400 woman which had a vaginal childbirth, almost half of these woman had problems with vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity. Woman who have vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity are also experiencing less pleasure during sexual intercourse. Next to this these woman also suffer from incontinence and vaginal dryness.


Vaginal tightening with the HIFU treatment ! The sensilift treatment is not an cosmetic procedure; it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. It’s a painless , not- chirurgical , non-invasive treatment which will be performed in a doctors clinic. The goal of the sensilift treatment is to increase the levels of friction and sensation during sexual intercourse. Also the treatment is beneficial to incontinence and vaginal dryness. With age, the collagen levels will start to loose elasticity. The Sensilift treatment increases the health and vitality of the vaginal tissue with help of the high intensity and targeted ultrasound (HIFU). This is super effective to stimulate the rebuilding of the vaginal tissue with collagen and attracting elastin. The HIFU (high intensed focused ultrasound) system gives a dosed amount of targeted ultrasound energy to the vagina. The SensiLift Treatment treats the dermal layer and the fibromuscular layer. By treathing both layers of the vagina, the Sensilift treatment reaches optimal results. The sensilift treatment is a one-time treatment of 30 minutes without any form or necessity for anesthesia or recovery period. Depending on the status of the vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity 1 to 3 treatments are needed.


Yes. Any woman with vaginal looseness or laxity can be treated. Has anything changed over time considering pleasure levels caused by the friction during sexual intercourse due looseness? Or considering the physical sensation you used to have due the penetration of your partner? If the vaginal looseness or laxity is causing negative effects on your sexual sensations Sensilift might be the answer!

Does vaginal tightening it hurt?

No, the sensilift treatment doe not hurt. Some patients do have side effects compared to menstruation sickness.

How does the Sensilift treatment work?

The sensilift treatment can be compared to a vaginal echo which woman get during their pregnancy. The vagina is treated on different layers. Vaginal tissue reacts on HIFU (high intensed focused ultrasound) by activating natural cellular processes so new, healthy and high elastic collagen and elastin can be produced in the tissue. SensiLift’s power to treat multiple layers of the vagina stimulates the natural regerative proces of the body which leads to new and stronger collagen while the wellbeing of the body is preserved and protected.


With 1 to 3 treatments (with pauzes of 4 to 6 weeks) the regenerative process of the body is activated but the full result is build up gradually. On average the results are maximized within 60 to 90 days. Imagine having a painless treatment for your vaginal looseness of vaginal laxity and rejuvenate your vagina as it was new? You can consider your own doctor if the sensilift treatment is an option for you. At our clinics in Holland ( Rotterdam and Breda ) the sensilift treatments are done by a female doctor which had special training for working with Sensilift. A consult can be planned which also will be conducted by the same female doctor.

Incontinence problems? How does Sensilift help?

Incontince problems by woman is a common thing. As woman get older the vaginal tissue can lose its elasticity and so cause problems with fully urinating. Because not all urine can be fully released by the pushing powers of the vagina, pieces of urine can be released at unwanted moments. The sensilift vaginal tightening treatment will help the vagina regenerate and recover lost power to reduce incontinence. If you have problems with incontinence, please consult us or your doctor to see how a sensilift treatment can be beneficial to incontinence problems.

What does vaginal tightening cost? Prices SensiLift

Vaginal tightening (1-3 treatments, painless and performed by a female doctor? is possible for € 500,-

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